PCIF is a group of companies dedicated to promoting ownership and financial literacy within the African Canadian community.

Pamoja Community Investment Fund Inc. (PCIF)

Pamoja Community Investment Fund Inc.  is a privately owned investment company in Canada and the parent company of other PCIF subsidiaries. For more info, visit our page.

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Creating investment opportunities that chart the path to social impact.

PCIF Development Cooperative Inc. (PCIF DC)

PCIF Development Cooperative Inc. is a registered Cooperative in Canada and was founded as a labor of love. You can become a member with just $9.99/month if under 60 years and $7.99 if 60 and above. For more info visit our page.

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Working together and helping each one thrive through successful community development where no one is left behind.

Pamoja Homes (PH)

Pamoja Homes is a home builder and construction company part of the Pamoja Community Investment Fund Group of Companies and a subsidiary of Pamoja Village Limited in Africa. Pamoja Homes is designed to serve a wide cross-section of society, including the underserved in our society. Our goal is to provide various types of housing solutions to suit every pallet and pocket.

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Creating spaces that are comfortable, memorable and inspiring.

Tuko Pamoja (TP)

Tuko Pamoja is a Not-for-profit organization currently undergoing registration…
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Giving back and makes a difference in our community